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With the free SmartFarm app for Android and Apple you have access to all data of your iQblue Clara. So you can easily keep track of your data from your smartphone or tablet.


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Measured data

✓ Overview of iQblue Clara data
✓ Crop and last measurement details
✓ Real-time measurements
✓ Info on crop climate (25cm)
✓ Info on field climate (75cm)
✓ Info on soil temperature (-5 &-20cm)
✓ Info on amount of precipitation today and last week

All data measured by the iQblue Clara is presented on the sensor’s dashboard, which gives a quick overview of the current crop and field situation. Data is refreshed every half an hour.

At the top of the dashboard you can find the location of your iQblue Clara and also a rain radar. This rain radar helps you planing your farming activities better, by forecasting rainfall in the next 2 hours.


Other weather conditions

✓ Overview agricultural weather parameters
✓ Wind details
✓ Moisture status
✓ Leaf wetness
✓ Evapotranspiration
✓ Radiation
✓ Inside information on every parameter

All parameters here are from an external source or calculated on measured iQblue Clara data. Wind speed (2 and 10m) and -direction are based on the local weather forecast, as the iQblue Clara doesn’t measure it on its own (why?). The other external parameter is radiation, which is obtained from MeteoSat.

Al these agricultural parameters give you more information on what is happening in your crop. How many evapotranspiration took place? Is there enough rain to compensate, or will the soil be to dry in a few days? Are the leaves wet or dry? If the leaf is wet, is it smart to start spraying already? Click on each parameter in the app and get a detailed explanation to better understand what is happening in your crop.

Weather forecast

Farm design

✓ 14-day weather forecast
✓ 48-hour weather forecast
✓ Information on typical weather parameters
✓ Information on agricultural parameters

o Evapotranspiration
o Wet-bulb temperature
o Dewpoint
o Radiation

✓ Information on optimal spreading moment

In the SmartFarm app you find 2 weather forecasts. One is the 48-hour forecast which gives information in timesteps of 3 hours. This forecast gives the possibility to find out when it is the best moment to plan spreading activities. Choose one of the 6 products and get an overview for the best application moment in the coming 48 hours.

The 14-day weather forecast gives an overview of the typical and agricultural weather parameters per day. The weather forecast is field-specific and gives you the opportunity to plan your farming activities on the longer term.

Historical data

Insight in past events

✓ Several graphs
✓ Complete overview
✓ Up to 100 days history
✓ All measured parameters

All historic data is presented in graphs. Watch back easily in the history tab what happened at every moment. Easily select the parameter you want to have more information on and select the period you are interested in.

Select hour or day, to see the average temperatures per day and select or deselect min/max to see the minimum and maximum of the measured values. Available parameters in the history functionality are: temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature, precipitation, dewpoint and leafwetness.

Disease Risk

Infection risk for your crop

✓ Todays disease risk chance
✓ 4-day disease risk forecast
✓ 2-day past disease risk measurements
✓ Calculated on in-crop measurements
✓ Based on 30 years of experience
✓ Developed by the AppsforAgri expert team

The disease risk tool gives insight information on past, current and coming disease risk for your crop. Respond accurate on what will happen based on the forecasted risks and prevent crop damage. It is very important to fill in the correct crop if the iQblue Clara is installed in the field. The measurements in the crop will affect the outcome of this tool.

The colors beneath the day/date indicate the degree of risk. Green stands for a low infection risk, red for extreme infection risk. Click on the colors in the SmartFarm app to get an explanation of why the risk is forecasted for each day.

Spray planner

Optimal spraying moment

✓ 48-hour spraying forecast
✓ Hourly forecast indicated with colors
✓ Optimise your crop protection
✓ Calculated on in-crop measurements
✓ Based on 30 years of experience
✓ Developed by the AppsforAgri expert team

Spray at the optimal moment with the Spray planner. The spray planner uses past and current data measurements in combination with the weather forecast to calculate the efficiency of the plant protection product (PPP) applicated in that hour.

When spraying at the optimal moment (green) the PPP works most efficient. The Spray planner only shows the allowed products for each crop. All allowed products registered in France can be found in the database. At the bottom of the Spray planner you can find the 48-hour windspeed forecast, to see if the moment is appropriate to start spraying.


Always informed

✓ Set personal notifications
✓ Receive a notification when a limit is reached
✓ Protect your crop from frost and heat damage
✓ Easily put them off and on again

Receive notifications from your iQblue Clara at night when it starts freezing. Protect your crop by acting accurate on what happens in the field. Notifications can be set for temperature, relative humidity and soil temperatures.

Easily set the upper and lower limits for all parameters at the alerts tab in the SmartFarm app. Choose for which parameters you would like to receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

Sharing functionality

Collaborative network to get more insights together

With the Smartfarm app you get the possibilty to build a sensor network with reliable weather and field data. Gain insight into what is being measured in the region in order to be able to react earlier and faster to changing weather conditions.

Give your neighbours access to your data and vice versa, request to theirs. Get more valuable information by looking at multiple fields, instead of only your own. Invite as well employees, partners and agronomists for improved, connected decision making.


Frequently asked questions

To help you get started

Make sure you scanned the bar-code correctly.
When this is not possible fill in the product code, beneath the bar-code, manually.

Still not possible to add?
Make sure the iQblue Clara is not scanned yet by somebody else.
The iQblue Clara can only be linked to one account.
It is possible to share the iQblue Clara’s information via the sharing functionality.

Click at the ‘+’ icon at the top of the SmartFarm app to add more iQblue Clara’s.
You can only add one iQblue Clara at the time.
Follow the steps for an correct installation.

Share your iQblue Clara data with others by clicking on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the SmartFarm app.
Follow the steps to send an invitation to people who you like to share your data with.

Make sure the people who’ve you share your iQblue Clara data with, also downloaded the SmartFarm app and created an own account.
Check if the entered e-mail address corresponds with the e-mail address the account of the person you like to share with.

And last but not least, make sure the person you like to share your data with also accepted your invite.
Invitations can be found in the settings menu of the SmartFarm app.

Yes, go to the settings menu.
Here you can find the iQblue Clara(‘s) you have shared with others.
Simply click the trashcan to remove the user.

Yes, go to the settings menu, remove the user and add it again.
While sharing data again, chose the other role.
The invitee will get a new invitation.

Yes, go to the settings menu of the iQblue Clara and click on ‘remove sensor’.

Infrequent data is caused by insufficient network.
Replace the iQblue Clara to another spot in the field and try again, or check the Sigfox coverage map to check the coverage in your area.

Did you just install the iQblue Clara?
Wait for at least 24 hours, as it can take some time before data is send.

Was the iQblue Clara working fine until it stopped working?
Check the connectivity on the status tab in the settings menu of the iQblue Clara.
If the network connection is bad, remove the iQblue Clara to another spot and try again.

Make sure the location of the iQblue Clara is correct, check this at the settings menu of the iQblue Clara.

Is it correct, but is the data still incorrect?
Please make sure the iQblue Clara is not obstructed by buildings or trees and make sure the rain gauge is clean and the spoon can move freely.

Make sure you’ve set notifications and also at the right temperatures and relative humidity thresholds.

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